MANPOWER Provision

The demand of high-quality engineers and personnel in big companies are growing rapidly in our time. And so, the provision in manpower has become the best solution:

  • its process is less time consuming,
  • it can be for short and long period of missions,
  • it represents an interesting financial advantage.

Companies do not need to go through 1,000 profiles when they can get in one call the right candidate who will fulfil the requirement. The consulting company plays a vital role to understand the client’s need and perform due diligence on the suitable candidate before offering their services.


Being at the center of the solution, MEC is offering the service of providing the clients with the required, qualified, and carefully selected temping engineer who can work remotely or in mission, for short or long period of time. Also, the provision of engineers can be by mobilization on site to intervene on project execution in form of technical assistance as consulting or in managerial role.