JBAM Engenharia E Consultoria

Sharing similar objectives and visions, MEC has enter in partnership with JBAM Engenharia E Consultoria, a respected and reputed engineering and consulting company, set in 2004. The company was created by its CEO Mr. João Batista Almeida Medeiros who has more than 40 years of experience in design and execution of granulation and chemical plants, in field of fertilizer.

The expertise of JBAM in the field of fertilizer is covering the design of process and equipment, along with the execution of plants for many products, such as:

NPK, Micronutruents, Superphosphates, Animal Food (DCP and MCP), Liquide & Foliar Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizer, Organominerals Fertilizers, Sulfuric Acid, Phosphate Rock Tratment, Bulk Blending.

JBAM has also the expertise in the following services:

  • Feasibility Study 
  • Basic and detail of projects
  • Process and production optimizations
  • Plant Audit, Due Diligences, and Revamp
  • Environmental projects
  • New Product development
  • Revamp and new development of equipment
  • Team training

For the required process equipment, JBAM has the expertise in designing and sizing of:

  • Granulators, Dryers and Coolers
  • Belt and bucket conveyros
  • Silos, hoppers, and tanks
  • Cyclones and Scrubbers
  • Bag Filters
  • Mills and Sieves
  • Pumps
  • Fans/blowers

Throughout its journey, JBAM has created a respected portfolio of clients, happy and satisfied of the achieved and executed projects, which among them we have:

fertilizantes heringer

The biggest fertilizer company in Brazil, with a turnover of around 2 billion USD and sales of 4000 000 MT of fertilizers per year.

The green field projects executed by JBAM was:

  • 350 000 MT/Y of Superphosphate Plant,
  • 300 000 T/Y of NPK granulation Plant,
  • 200 000 T/Y of Sulfuric Acid Plant,
  • Warehouse & Utilities

JBAM has realised the feasibility study, basic & detail of the project, full engineering package, procurement & erection, commissioning & start up, production team selection, and process adjusment.


One of the main players in field of fertilizer and micronutrients in Brazil.

JBAM has accomplished the revamp of two granulation plants, erection of new disc granulator process, process & production optimization, engineering & production team reorganization, environmental investments, plant revamping for IPO purpose.

In 2015 the plant was bought by COMPASS MINERALS, an American group.


The biggest South African Fertilizer Company. JBAM has realised two projects, and providing its expertise, till date, as consultants:

  • Revamping and optimization of the Nitro phosphate Plant dryers
  • Study for optimization of the Superphosphate Plant, setting a new horizontal reactor for Superphosphate, MCP, and DCP (mono and di calcium phosphate for animal food).


Client of JBAM since 2004, with development of projects and plants of Granulation, DCP, Dicalcium phosphate project, Micronutrients granulation, development of new products as slow released urea and NPK, organic fertilizers granulation and humic acids production from turf.

JBAM is providing its expertise, till date, as consultants.


JBAM has realised project of a micronutrient’s granulation plant by horizontal reactor, which was a potentially challenging development for this kind of granulation equipment. It has provided its expertise as consultant for 2 years until start-up of the plant.