The expansional increase of the world population in our time has led to an important interaction between the demand and the supply, and consequently the market has become a competitive and exigent ground for a greater number of producers looking to fulfil the wishes of consumers.

And so, the audit in its different layers, represent the best expertise which companies can count on to improve and standardize their organisation, procedures, and operation, for a unique outcome of excellence and perfect quality.

At MEC, we offer our services to guarantee the quality and safety of our client’s products, processes, and systems. Beyond product testing, inspection, and certification services, we intervene with our expertise to improve performance, increase the efficiency in production and logistics, overcome the market constraints, and reduce risk. We help our clients to ensure that their products meet quality, safety, hygiene, social and environmental responsibility standards all over the world.

Social Audit

  • Assessment and review of company’s procedures, to narrow the gaps between vision/goal and reality, between efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Ensure that business’s financial and accounting records are accurate and transparent, in accordance with applicable rules.
  • Provide an expertise based on the understanding, measurement, and verification, to improve the social performance of the organization.
  • Provide Ethics as per SA 800 standard, covering many aspects, such as hygiene, safety, waste management, child/minor labor, work practices, worker representation, and others.
  • Ensure the good work environment including safety, free of harassment, and equal opportunity.

Quality Audit

  • Examine the quality management system (QMS), in respect with ISO 9001 standard, and verify if all elements of the system are effective, appropriate, and have been developed and documented.
  • Verify and validate the specifications, value, and safety of raw materials, products, and assets, and evaluate the degree of conformance to meet a standard specification or procedure.
  • Check the various aspects of a process, including, the conformity to a defined requirement, the used resources, the followed methods, and the effectiveness of the process controls.
  • Provide an expertise based on statistical sampling procedures as ANSI / ASQC Z1.4 / CODEX Alimentarius, for the inspection of different sustainable & non-sustainable product, food products, and others.
  • Ensure the identification and control of the intrinsic risk of the operations and the supply chain.

Environmental audit

  • Examine the environmental management system (EMS), in respect with ISO 14001 standard,
    and provide the recommendations to control the impact as well as to constantly improve the environmental performance.
  • Assess the plant’s compliance with the instructions of the ISO 14001 directive on general operating processes, in particular: water and energy consumption, greenhouse gas treatment, wastewater and effluent treatment, waste treatment, prevention and management of major incidents.
  • Assess the company’s activities and services in relation to compliance with relevant statutory, promoting good environmental management, raising staff awareness, and enforcing commitment.