Being one of the principal sources of innovation in the 21st century, the IT has generated important outcomes for companies helping them to build and grow their business and commerce, efficiently and exponentially. In every sector and field, the IT development blueprint is seen in programming/coding, data processing, social platform, application for communication and advertisement, e-commerce, and others.

Our main services are:

In this challenging and innovative field, MEC is taking confident steps with the support of young and competent team and proposing its service for the development of the expected mobile application, the tailer made website, and the optimal efficient programme. The development covers many fields, such as health, tourism, E-commerce, banking and financial, government and public, telecommunication, businesses.

Mobile development

  • Building customized, robust, and user-centric mobile apps that run on major platforms, including iOS and Android.
  • Creation and deployment of targeted, scalable, and secure mobile applications adapted to the needs of start-ups, of each company, and in various sectors.
  • Provide and develop the following services: product definition, design, development, implementation, testing, deployment, data analysis, maintenance.


  • Creation of websites adapted to all issues and to all media: computer, tablet, mobile.
  • Create a unique e-commerce solution that deliver intuitive and engaging shopping experiences.
  • Provide and develop the following services: information gathering, project planning, design, development, testing, delivery, monitoring, and maintenance.

UX/UI Design

  • Transform creative ideas into compelling, captivating, and value-add design, and which is based on the user’s behaviour, goals, motivations, and needs
  • Take a user-centric design approach to create high-quality, memorable, and interactive experiences for end users with a digital or physical product.
  • Create and design an interface by understanding business requirements, the customer needs and feedback, and usability findings.
  • Realization of a design study highlighting the problematic of the project and recommending various proposals.