After completion of the design, a project will enter the second phase of its life cycle, where the 2D plan start taking form, and the construction is initiated. At that phase, the project management take place as a process which aim to help, execute, control, and complete the construction by meeting the initial goals, the projected budget, and the fixed deadline.

And then come MEC to offer its service of project management, providing experienced site engineers with the required expertise for handling, planning, and overseeing the project construction, and ensure its completion in a timely fashion and within budget.

The project manager activities include:

  • Define project scope and objectives
  • Anticipate the needed resources, and manage them in an efficient manner
  • Prepare budget based on scope of work and resource requirements
  • Manage contracts with vendors and suppliers
  • Supervise the construction activities, and manage the manpower
  • Apply the best practices, techniques, and standards
  • Control the work quality and safety
  • Monitoring project’s progress and make adjustments as needed
  • Measure project performance to identify areas for improvement
  • Develop and manage the project schedule
  • Track project costs in order to meet budget
  • On-site assistance for commissioning and start-up