Big goals, big deals

Our Vision

At MEC, a part of our vision is achieved with clients’ satisfaction and a long-term relationship of delivering and fulfilling client’s requirement.
While at the same time, the other part is focusing on the benefit of our employees, attending our business objectives, and the prosperity of our company and our partners.

Our Mission

Our company strives to build a competitive advantage at each stage of the life of a project, starting from the design to the construction, commissioning, and start-up. Our mission is to provide the qualified & talented personnel at service of our clients, for the purpose of engineering, site management or auditing.


Our culture will foster diversity, innovation, and growth


It generates excitement for what we do and how we do it. placed at the heart of our work, it helps to nurture the ideas, inspire excellence, and find creative ways for cultivating growth



A valuable asset for our company as it creates trust, and for each of us, it’s the constant choice to infuse every action with honesty, fairness, and respect for clients and colleagues alike


We aim the highest standard of quality in everything we do, and always want to drive towards next achievement, by constantly challenging ourselves to improve and break new ground

Make The Difference

We constantly push ourselves to be our best, we focus on solutions, and we keep the inspiration alongside with us, every day, to make an impact through our talents, passion, and hard work


It’s our mode for perfect solution and right decision, with it we raise the questions, look for clues, go through our knowledges, and pull back our experiences looking for similarity supporting the facts.


It motivates us to take risk sometimes, encourages our curiosity for finding new ideas, and push us constantly to exceed the expectation. and so, through innovation, we provide solutions to our clients.